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CSHUB is a place where a migrant entrepreneur can obtain useful information and knowledge for more effective management of his/her company. If you are just planning to set up your own business but you don't know anything about taxes, marketing, management and other practical aspects of running a business, then use CSHUB support.
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You have a question about running a business? Do you want to get online consultation? Use the Speed Box! You will get an answer even in 24 hours. Quickly help to migrant entrepreneurs.

What is our offer?


Certification of Skills

Integration Activities


For CSHUB participants

are available:

Training room

Room prepared for trainings, workshops and seminars for up to 30 people.

Coworking room

New desks for comfortable work for 10 people.

Mongolian yurt

A real Mongolian yurt to organize interesting events and meetings.

Projection room

Projection room with modern equipment to display presentations, films and other multimedia materials. The possibility of comfortable seating for 20 people.

Integration rooms

Two relaxation rooms equipped with professional sporting equipment for entertainment, rest and common meetings. There is a possibility to play dart, foosball, billiards or table tennis.

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Welcome to CSHUB!

Community Social Hub

At CSHUB every migrant running a business can get support in the form of trainings, workshops, individual counselling, e-learning materials and use the desk in our coworking space, meet other users and exchange ideas, competences, clients, etc. We invite you!
Witold Ekielski
Manager of CSHUB

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